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“The heaviest object in the gym will always be the front door”. 


Inspirations Fitness is a personalized experience unique to each client. Offering fitness programming that can be followed on your own time, in your own space by following the app on your phone or, Inspirations Fitness is also available for in person one-on-one, or intimate groups training.

Every client that comes to Inspirations Fitness is coming from a different place with different barriers and goals. We thrive on “meeting you where you are”, and we are here to work with you at any level of ability. Watching our clients progress and succeed at hitting short- and long-term goals is exactly why we exist. 

Bob Mitchell

Founder & Trainer


In 2014 I was an active alcoholic. Obviously overweight, out of shape, and in need of medical attention. Soon after being admitted to the hospital with a HR near stroke levels, it was obvious that I needed to make a change. After attempting traditional measures to get sober, (Detox, Rehab, and 12-step meetings) I could not put the bottle down and felt hopeless. Not knowing who to, or where to turn to for help I did the only thing I knew how to do. I started seeking out physical activity to “sweat it out” and put me back in touch with my athletic roots from years before.


Every day that I put more importance on working out than I did drinking I eventually started seeing progress. I lost weight and could feel my body healing itself, but the best part was that as I focused on my health, my cravings for alcohol fell to the wayside and I was getting a handle on this sobriety thing.


A year later I was in amazing shape and had found a great new group of friends in the Triathlon community and was a “competitor” in my class. I had been sobered for over a year, holding down a steady job, and fully committed to a healthy lifestyle.


A couple years of sobriety and competition had passed and I unfortunately had an injury that led to a nasty infection of the bone leaving me with the choice to live a life of pain or to amputate. I chose amputation because mentally I couldn’t endure the daily pain anymore.


Becoming an amputee was never part of the plan, but it turns out that being an amputee fits me quite appropriately. Challenge, whether physical or mental is a driving force in my life, and it becomes the fuel for which I feed my inner fire to put one foot in front of the other (literally).


I’m not very good at being the center of attention or having all eyes on me but I also recognize that with a prosthetic leg that is exactly what happens wherever I go. In the gym or doing physical activities I am hyper aware that everyone is watching and that excites me and freaks me out. I enjoy it because I know that somebody is saying to themselves “if he can, then so can I”. If seeing me do something physical drives someone else to start or continue their own fitness journey then I’ve done what makes me happiest, I’ve shared this amazing thing that produces life changing results and their life will be better for it, guaranteed.

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