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Inspirations Fitness

Inspirations Fitness is focused on delivering high quality, personalized fitness centered programming that fits each client’s specific needs. Every amputee has challenges specific to them, and each person’s goals look different as well. From using a fitness program to be more mobile and self-sufficient to losing weight and managing diabetes, Inspirations Fitness understands you right where you are. We are a community of specific people understanding and encouraging one another, and in that you will find Inspiration to achieve and surpass your goals. As an amputee you have challenges and needs to be met. Inspirations Fitness has the knowledge and personal experience to meet your needs. Now what? Contact Us today for a free consultation.

Adaptive Fitness Training

Human beings are in a constant state of change.  As an amputee we understand what adapting to change feels like. Everything from movement dynamics to mental health is always under our personal microscopes as an amputee. We scrutinize what our “new normal” looks and feels like to us, and we wonder “Now what, how do I improve and make positive change in my life?” Inspirations Fitness was born organically out of this question. Our founder, Bob Mitchell became an amputee after a lifetime focused on evolving physically as an athlete, and mentally as a person who has dealt with depression and alcohol addiction.  Having already been a self-proclaimed “gym rat” Bob sought out credentialing from the National Academy of Sports Medicine to learn the science and exercise theories behind fitness to help him understand how to train himself post-amputation for better mobility and to strengthen himself. Professionally, as a Personal Trainer, Bob trained everyday people with typical fitness goals. As he became more familiar with his local amputee community, he began to receive more demand for his unique skill set. To train amputees with a physical fitness driven mindset. After recognizing the demands amputees had for personal training Bob sought out further education and was certified as an Adaptive & Inclusive Trainer by the Adaptive Training Academy, and so began Inspirations Fitness!

Virtual Training and Nutrition Services

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Virtual Personal Trainer

Virtual training sessions carried out through our exclusive client portal! Get your workout in no matter where you are!

adaptive fitness

Adaptive Fitness

As an amputee you have challenges and needs to be met. Inspirations Fitness has the knowledge and personal experience to meet your needs.

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Workout Programs

We offer fully customizable workout plans that focus on helping you reach your goals and strengthening your entire body. 

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Nutritional Coaching

Inspirations Fitness also offers nutrition coaching! We’ll work closely with you to achieve a healthier and more balanced diet.


Inspirations Fitness

Bob Mitchell

Bob Mitchell is a husband, brother, son and “funcle” (fun Uncle). As well Bob is a NASM credentialed Personal Trainer, ATA Adaptive and inclusive trainer, United States Powerlifting Association member and competitive powerlifter. Bob has been a member of many various team sports throughout his life, but Baseball was his focus for much of his younger years. As a former athlete Bob thrived in competitive sports and sought out communities of like-minded people. Later in life (prior to amputation) Bob found the sport of Triathlon where he trained for his half Ironman distance (70.3) race and a separate but equally brutal marathon (Marine Corps Marathon, Washington DC). As a former United States Marine Bob adheres to the USMC motto of “Adapt-Improvise-Overcome” always finding a way to mission success. Knowing that shouldn’t scare you away from wanting to train with Bob, it just illustrates that Bob will always find a way to achieve your goals. Bob believes in teamwork, communication, and encouragement in his Personal Training approach. Working out can be daunting for most people but with Bob’s guidance and methodical approach you can achieve your goals without wasting one drop of sweat. Every movement, every rest period, and every session you work will be designed intentionally with you and your goals in mind.

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