About Inspirations Fitness

Our Mission

Inspirations Fitness exists for one purpose only, to provide the knowledge and tools to help others achieve a healthy way of life. There is no better feeling then feeling good. It’s not natural for us to sit at desks all day, stare at phone screens in our free time, or sleep restlessly because our bodies are confused and in a state of deterioration. Movement solves 99% of your problems and adds value to nearly every other aspect of your life. It’s hard to motivate someone to work hard to reap the benefits of being in shape when they have never felt was awesome feels like, but that is exactly what Inspirations Fitness does best.

Wouldn’t you like to feel your best, be proud of your work, and have the proper guidance, motivation, and accountability? Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and get this amazing started right here.

Inspirations Fitness FAQ's

  • Do I need equipment or a gym membership?
    • No, every program is customized. This means your program will be written according to your goals, ability, and available equipment.
  • I have a previous injury or am recovering from surgery, can I still workout?
    • Yes, During the onboarding process we will go over your medical history and make the appropriate accommodations to your custom program so you will not re-injure yourself. (Doctors approval pending)
  • How much does it cost?
    • It varies on a lot of factors. Each clients program and needs are different. Your comfort and success are the focus of our work, and everything will be tailored to you thus making pricing a variable. Your fitness program is an investment in your overall health so consider what you spend on training vs. what you otherwise would spend on insurance deductibles when you need to see a doctor.
  • Do I have to sign a contract?
    • No, there are no contracts to sign, only a willingness to greatly improve your life.
  • Do you do meal planning?
    • While nutrition is a vitally important part to your health, Inspirations Fitness does not do meal planning. Only a certified Nutritionist should be trusted with this task. Inspirations Fitness can only provide general information and broad-spectrum recommendations for you.
  • How long are typical workout sessions?
    • Most sessions are designed to only be one hour long. A one-hour commitment is only 4% of your total day. Anyone can commit 4% of their day to feel 100% better overall.

Credentials and Certifications

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