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Bob Mitchell is a husband, brother, son and “funcle” (fun Uncle). As well Bob is a NASM credentialed Personal Trainer, ATA Adaptive and inclusive trainer, United States Powerlifting Association member and competitive powerlifter. Bob has been a member of many various team sports throughout his life, but Baseball was his focus for much of his younger years. As a former athlete Bob thrived in competitive sports and sought out communities of like-minded people. Later in life (prior to amputation) Bob found the sport of Triathlon where he trained for his half Ironman distance (70.3) race and a separate but equally brutal marathon (Marine Corps Marathon, Washington DC). As a former United States Marine Bob adheres to the USMC motto of “Adapt-Improvise-Overcome” always finding a way to mission success. Knowing that shouldn’t scare you away from wanting to train with Bob, it just illustrates that Bob will always find a way to achieve your goals. Bob believes in teamwork, communication, and encouragement in his Personal Training approach. Working out can be daunting for most people but with Bob’s guidance and methodical approach you can achieve your goals without wasting one drop of sweat. Every movement, every rest period, and every session you work will be designed intentionally with you and your goals in mind.


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